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Master the Art of Attracting and Closing Lucrative Clients

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Job Placement Assistance

9:00 Am to 7:00 PM

Our Timings

Program Flow

What are F.I.T.D.S

Learn about the powerful concept of “Foot in the Door,” which involves taking strategic steps to establish initial contact and build relationships with potential clients.

Pick Your Target Market

Understand how to research and select the right target market for your services.

Pick Your Target Hunting Ground

Discover effective strategies to find potential clients in various online and offline platforms.

Secret Approach (Client In a Weekend)

In this module, you’ll learn Learn proven techniques to quickly attract and convert prospects into paying clients.

Struggling To Get Your Next (or First) Paying Client?

Welcome To Client In A Weekend

A Life-Changing Course For Freelancer And Digital Marketing Agencies

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So, Why This Course

Are you tired of struggling to find paying clients as a freelancer or digital marketing agency? Our “Client In a Weekend” course is here to transform your client acquisition game!

Discover the most effective strategies and techniques used by successful professionals in the industry.

A Complete Tested Strategy For Making This Work

Not Piece-Meal ideas, Half-Cooked Advice or Untested Theory

What Marketers Hate
  • ๎‘No Cold-Calling
  • ๎‘No Face-To-Face Meetings
  • ๎‘No Badgering Friends
  • ๎‘No Paying For Ads
  • ๎‘No Trickery & High Pressure
  • ๎‘No Expensive Postal Mail
  • ๎‘No Mass Emailing
All The Things You Want
  • ๎’Enjoy Income Predictably
  • ๎’Fast Business Growth
  • ๎’No Experience Needed
  • ๎’Beginner-Friendly
  • ๎’No Tech Skills Needed
  • ๎’Recession-Proof Strategy
  • ๎’Upgrade Your Existing Client Base

Stop struggling and start thriving!

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But It Doesn’t End There!

Client In A Weekend Is Not Just A Course

it’s a community. Join a supportive network of like-minded professionals who are all on the same journey as you. Share insights, collaborate, and celebrate your wins together.

We believe in the power of collective growth, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our experienced instructors are industry experts with a passion for helping others succeed.


Letโ€™s Look at All You’ll Be Getting With Our “Client In A Weekend” Course

A step-by-step system to developing a hugely profitable Digital Marketing Agency.

Open Ocean Strategy
  • ๎’Intro to Open Ocean Strategy
  • ๎’Groupon Strategy
  • ๎’Upwork Strategy
  • ๎’LinkedIn Strategy
Sample Audits
  • ๎’Intro to Sample Audits
  • ๎’Finding Leads with Google
  • ๎’Audit Using LinkedIn
  • ๎’Audit Using Upwork
  • ๎’Audit Using Groupon PLUS
Secret Credibility Builder
  • ๎’Intor To Secret Credibility Builder
  • ๎’Our Secret Approach
  • ๎’Recording Your Videos
  • ๎’Following Up To Close More Deals

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Whoโ€™ll Benefit Most From Client In A Weekend

  • ๏„…It's perfect for people struggling to either land their 1st client, or grow their existing client roster.
  • ๏„…Youโ€™re working really hard to find local clients but the fees youโ€™re making just donโ€™t justify your effort.
  • ๏„…Beginners, Struggling Marketers Or Those Disappointed By Scams Or BS โ€˜Magic Buttonsโ€™
  • ๏„…Existing Freelancers / Agency Owners That Need A Predictable Way To Get More Clients
  • ๏„…People Who Want An Online Income But Donโ€™t Know What To Sell, How To Get Clients And Avoid Risk
  • ๏„…Opportunity Seekers After A NEW Ground-Floor Way To Get Lucrative Clients Starting From Scratch
  • ๏„…Youโ€™ve tried other methods in the past and they didnโ€™t work as claimed - "Client In A Weekend" works for anyone that follows the simple steps inside.
  • ๏„…You want a method that you can scale up as big as you want - With "Client In A Weekend" youโ€™ll be able to add clients like clockwork no matter what the economy is doing..
  • ๏„…Anyone that wants to add extra income with a fun side hustle!
  • ๏„…If any of that sounds like you, its time to get off the merry-go-round and start making real money and building a real marketing agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does this work in any country?

Absolutely! We're in the Pakistan, but these methods work all over the world - all you need is internet. Because of this, you can land clients both from your home country and in other countries as well.

Will I need a large budget?

No. You can do this with no money, just your own time and effort. Since the core of this is Social Media-based, you don't need to spend money.

Will I need to hire Employees?

NO (Unless YOU Want Them) โ€”If you choose to use virtual assistants or outsource that's fine. But it's not necessary.

What kind of clients will I be getting?

You can apply these methods to land pretty much any kind of client. We include examples for popular services like website design, lead generation and SEO because those are popular specialties. However, you can easily use the methods inside to land clients for any product or service you want.

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