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Setting Up A Campaign

What are the different types of Google Ads campaigns available? How to measure performance & Targeting Options.

Bidding & Budget Strategies

What are automated and manual bidding strategies, and how do implement relevant strategies?

Tracking & Optimization

What are dynamic search ads and remarketing lists? Learn about conversion tracking, URL tracking & Diagnosis Tools.

Youtube & App Ads

How to set up YouTube ads, Configuration, targeting, Ad group level, and explore Google App Ads.

Ad Groups & Keywords

In this module, you will learn to structure your ad groups, the importance of keywords & keywords relevancy.

Auction & Ad Ranks

What are Google Text Ads and extensions, what are the important factors to influence, and what quality score is?

Google Display Network

In this module, you will learn different types of Google Display Ads, and ad group level settings for banner & display banner ads.

Shopping Ads & Analysis

Discover the importance of Shopping Ads, benchmarks that you should aim for & analyze Google Ads statistics.

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Online Digital Marketing Course Google Keywords Planner
Online Digital Marketing Course Google Adsense
Online Digital Marketing Course UbberSuggest
  • Industry Recognized Certification From MEETECS

By the end of this extensive online Google ads training course, you will be able to crack Google Ads certification. You will be able to know the technical aspects of how to run and create Google Ad campaigns by the completion of this course. Google certificate will enhance credibility and performance.

Meetecs course certification